Nerd Crew - Very Cool T-Shirt

from Red Letter Media


What's there to say other than this shirt is VERY COOL! As with all our other shirts this Nerd Crew shirt is screen printed and blended into the fabric of the shirt, not a cheap ass iron on piece of crap thing that's gonna crack and fall off. These are also high quality Next Level brand T-Shirts.

*No refunds or exchanges on sizes or styles of shirts. Please see sizing chart information in the product images.

**Please Note: We can no longer offer signatures on our merchandise. This is due to overwhelming requests which result in orders taking too much time to process.

*** PLEASE don’t send us your merchandise back to be signed. Or anything to be signed. Even if you include money or a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope). Due to the amount of orders and mail we get we just don’t have the time or resources anymore. Anything sent to us won’t be returned.*****

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