Masters of the Universe Commentary Track

by Red Letter Media

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Wicked Scott
Wicked Scott thumbnail
Wicked Scott Rich Evans ran over my dog and hasn't apologized or made any effort to contact me or my lover to resolve this matter. Mr. Cuckles was more than a dog. He was an old soul and will be deeply missed.
P. Garvey, Settlement Connoisseur.
P. Garvey, Settlement Connoisseur. thumbnail
P. Garvey, Settlement Connoisseur. A hilarious and thought provoking commentary. Made me question life while crying of laughter. I see Masters of the Universe in a whole new light now. I hope to watch it with the General one day..once the restraining order is lifted. Also, another settlement needs your help!
Doreen Manning
Doreen Manning thumbnail
Doreen Manning I've never actually seen Masters of the Universe, but listening to this commentary with absolutely no information or experience of the movie to go on, is oddly mesmerizing.
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**Hit play on the commentary when the two halves of the Cannon Films logo come together. If you're unsure what this means look up Cannon films logo on Youtube.

Rich, Mike, and Jay (Aka Susan or Reginald) watch the 1987 masterpiece "Masters of the Universe" by the legendary Cannon Films! Watch Dolph Lundgren try to talk! Look up Skeletor's nostrals! Watch a film fall apart right before your eyes!!! Enjoy kids!




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